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Boom Beach Has All The Keys To A Winning Strategy

The makers of this game have all the features in it which are the key to success and a winning strategy. It probably is the best strategy game that can be played in any Android device which is not only free to pay and download but is also full of adventure and fun which would be loved by you. With the knowledge of the strategies, tips and tricks you can manage your troops, protect your base, make proper plans, select the defensive mechanism and much more. Most importantly, you would have to save and manage your resources well if you do not want to spend real money by using the cheats for boom beach for resources and also get some help as well.

Diamonds Are Everywhere

Diamonds play a very important role in Boom Beach game and sometimes more important than other forms of resources. There are several achievements with which you can get a lot of diamonds.

  • You can accelerate the ongoing construction work on your troops or buildings if you have more diamonds with you and learn some great ways to spend tem as well.
  • You could also get a lot of diamonds if you keep a watchful eye on the card or Archipelago which appears in the game within chests from time to time.
  • When you dive in the submarine you can also find some diamonds apart from completing the different POIs that often come up in the game.

The Tanks In The Game

When you have tanks in your artillery you are blessed as it can take a lot of hits in Boom Beach game and also have tremendous fire power to make more kill in the game and help you to proceed further ahead.

  • Use these tanks to protect the units in your base that have low health as the tanks have low horsepower and cannot be moved easily and quickly in between the map.
  • To make more kill you should place all these tanks in your artillery before the glass cannon units.
  • This tactic would not only help you to fight efficiently and effectively but also help the tanks to survive for a longer period.

The Heavy Units

The heavy units in Boom Beach are also very effective and are an excellent unit for offensive attacking strategy.

  • Being a real team player maximum protection is provided especially to the Zookas and the riflemen.
  • Position these heavy units behind the tanks so that they can protect themselves and shoot for a longer time.
  • Some heavy units can also fly in the game and therefore you should take care to project them far from your troops so that it causes less damage to your troops and more on the enemy during exploding.

Protect The Tower

Protection of the tower in Boom beach game is equally important for proper defending and therefore, you should place a tower at a distance and as far as you can because they have a very large range. When you want to destroy any tower you should always use it with the shock bombs. Place your troops well and strategically and make sure they attack with precision.

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